Thoughts and Stories

we create ripples of change


A Journey

  • here is a journey
  • by taking it you will make time and space for yourself
  • your balance, strength and flexibility will improve with this regular practice of gentle stretching
  • you will increase your passion for life, move with grace and look younger
  • you will become emotionally calmer, learning to respond rather than react
sometimes if you want something to exist you have to make it yourself


Thoughts and Stories


What nudge do you need to make changes in your life?

I love the synchronicity of dilemmas. The moment when we arrive at a brick wall, a cul de sac in our lives, and don’t know which way to turn. Is this a pattern of meaningful coincidences? Call them what we will, these feelings seem to have a ‘memory’, a way of appearing and re-appearing.

Have you noticed that some doubts arrive at roughly the same time each year, as if triggered by the light, or the season, or by the frenetic activity of the birds and nature at her busiest?

What throws us into panic as we question our self motivation or lack of it? The ‘what now or what next?’ questions. Hopefully each year we get more clarity, more wisdom, as we start really listening to the nudge that we will eventually act upon.

The very fact that we notice a pattern shows in itself our growing awareness. Where do you want to be this time next year or in two years time? How do you approach making lasting changes in your life? My friend always says, "how do you eat an elephant?" It's quite simple...little by little.

The nudge to Change Direction

Whether it's a career decision or making the all important first move to increase your activity level, changing your eating habits, or perhaps, you need support rebuilding a damaged more for our changing direction course