Patricia Rooney

Yoga Teacher and Holistic Therapist

yoga studio

We create our own narratives.

We gather what we love, the inevitable mistakes that we make, and we weave what we learn into our life story.

We have created a beautiful place to work and learn. Here we awaken possibilities for people through Yoga, Mindfulness and personal awareness. Sharing what works can make a real difference to individual lives.

How do we find time and space to change the patterns in our lives? How do we learn or re-learn to listen to our bodies and our intuition?

Taking these steps requires reflection and courage to make changes that we know are necessary.

Practicing Yoga regularly has changed my approach to life. I don’t want to rush around as I used to. I am more content than ever in my skin. Having space and taking time out is essential for all our well being.

I work to improve the quality of people's lives so they feel well and stay well whilst enjoying greater calmness


small really is beautiful because big impact comes from deceptively small changes

patricia meditation in her garden