Calm, Beauty and a Sense of Place

Conwy river view from Yoga studio

A sense of place - calm, welcoming and relaxed

In between Yoga classes, this warm embracing place allows me to provide a number of relaxing treatments for my clients. Treatments include reflexology, facial and body massage as well as make-overs and beauty therapy.

Make time to create space to clear your mind, and relax your body.

Enjoy the view ... the calming effect of gazing at the water whatever the weather.

Slow down...pleasure up. Give yourself permission to take time out. It’s not selfish to care about your health and well-being. Everyone benefits in the long run!

studio view 1

studio view 2

studio view 3

Calm and Beauty Treatments

Calm and Beauty Treatments

beautiful bottles with lavender


Arbour in autumn colour

Falstaff rose

"the narrative of creativity can become everyone's story"

Yoga is just the start of it. How do we create space and change patterns in our lives? How do we learn or re-learn to listen to our bodies and our intuition?

To take these steps requires time to reflect and the courage to make the changes that we know are necessary.

Practicing Yoga regularly has changed my approach to life. I don’t want to rush around as I used to. I am more content.