Patricia Rooney - Yoga Teacher and Holistic Therapist


we create our own narratives. we gather what we love, the inevitable mistakes that we make and what we learn into our life’s story

We have created a beautiful place to work and learn. Here we awaken possibilities for people through Yoga, Mindfulness and personal awareness. Sharing what works can make a real difference to individual lives.

How do we find time and space to change the patterns in our lives? How do we learn or re-learn to listen to our bodies and our intuition?

Taking these steps requires reflection and courage to make changes that we know are necessary.

Practicing Yoga regularly has changed my approach to life. I don’t want to rush around as I used to. I am more content than ever in my skin. Having space and taking time out is essential for all our well being.

Greater flexibility, better balance and increased stamina are just some of the physical differences we see when we practice Yoga regularly. When our lives are out of kilter it shows in how we hold our bodies. Yoga can help to reduce stress, improve our co-ordination, allowing us to have greater focus and concentration.

A natural outcome of Yoga is increased self-confidence and poise. Improving your posture and increasing your flexibility naturally reduces the risk of injury during other activities.

Take control of your life; move with grace and live more courageously.

beach yoga

“In a world of endless possibilities for staying in touch with one another we need to find time to get in touch with ourselves” Patricia

I remember how it felt not being able to bend or stretch easily at my first yoga class. This keeps me in touch with how my students may be feeling when they start practicing yoga.

This is why I encourage my students to listen to their body ... regardless of your age, your fitness level or your flexibility, yoga has something for everyone.

yoga group

We practice in the garden when the weather is fine, with panoramic views and the scent of roses!

Practicing outdoors means we can focus on fabulous sequences that are great to do in the open air. They are fun and energizing.

yoga garden

Enjoy the benefits of yoga, friendship and laughter. I love teaching and learning together. It gives a feeling of well-being in body and mind.

Listen to your own body ... it's a great indicator of how you feel, and allows each student to practice at their pace.

studio view

Practice in a beautiful welcoming studio with great views across the Conwy estuary, where the mountains meet the Irish sea.

Classes are typically 1.5hrs long, and we finish with a soothing relaxation.

yoga pic

Growing up on the west coast of Ireland, I was never far from the sound of the Atlantic ocean. At eighteen I left home to study and work in London. In the early 90’s I took time out and spent a wonderful year studying french at La Sorbonne in Paris.

Maybe the sea called me back because as I reached 40, I changed direction and moved to North Wales. I now live with my husband and daughters in a place that never ceases to amaze us...the views are always changing as we look towards the mountains and we hear the sound of the sea once more. It feels like coming home. 

group doing yoga outside in the garden

Conwy mountains, the river estuary and Conwy Castle as a backdrop. What more could you want?

Conwy river view from Yoga studio

yoga group

yoga garden

studio view

A sense of place - calm, welcoming and relaxed

In between Yoga classes, this warm embracing place allows me to provide a number of relaxing treatments for my clients. Treatments include reflexology, facial and body massage as well as make-overs and beauty therapy. Make time to create space to clear your mind, and relax your body.  Enjoy the view ... the calming effect of gazing at the water whatever the weather.

Slow down...pleasure up.  Give yourself permission to take time out.  It’s not selfish to care about your health and well-being.  Everyone benefits in the long run!

calm and beauty treatments

beautiful bottles with lavender


Arbour in autumn colour

Falstaff rose

"the narrative of creativity can become everyone's story"

Yoga is just the start of it. How do we create space and change patterns in our lives? How do we learn or re-learn to listen to our bodies and our intuition?

To take these steps requires time to reflect and the courage to make the changes that we know are necessary.

Practicing Yoga regularly has changed my approach to life. I don’t want to rush around as I used to. I am more content.


patricia meditation in her garden

patricia yoga

I work to improve the quality of people's lives so they feel well and stay well whilst enjoying greater calmness







small really is beautiful because big impact comes from deceptively small changes


we create ripples of change

A journey

here is a journey

by taking it you will make time and space for yourself

your balance, strength and flexibility will improve with this regular practice of gentle stretching

you will increase your passion for life, move with grace and look younger

you will become emotionally calmer, learning to respond rather than react


sometimes if you want something to exist you have to make it yourself

Thoughts and stories

aqua water

 What nudge do you need to make changes in your life?

I love the synchronicity of dilemmas. The moment when we arrive at a brick wall, a cul de sac in our lives, and don’t know which way to turn.  Is this a pattern of meaningful coincidences? Call them what we will, these feelings seem to have a ‘memory’, a way of appearing and re-appearing.

Have you noticed that some doubts arrive at roughly the same time each year, as if triggered by the light, or the season, or by the frenetic activity of the birds and nature at her busiest?

What throws us into panic as we question our self motivation or lack of it?  The ‘what now or what next?’ questions.  Hopefully each year we get more clarity, more wisdom, as we start really listening to the nudge that we will eventually act upon.

The very fact that we notice a pattern shows in itself our growing awareness.  Where do you want to be this time next year or in two years time?  How do you approach making lasting changes in your life?  My friend always says, "how do you eat an elephant?"  It's quite simple...little by little.

the nudge to Change Direction

Whether it's a career decision or making the all important first move to increase your activity level, changing your eating habits, or perhaps, you need support rebuilding a damaged more for our changing direction course





People say


happiness is not something you pursue … it’s something you allow

happiness is just being



I always sleep better after my yoga class


my yoga gives me a feeling of lightness and calmness about myself



after my yoga class my body feels more open, I walk taller and feel great



fantastic space ... fantastic company


Patricia works with heart ... I feel genuinely welcomed and cared for



absolutely fantastic, so relaxing… both the Yoga and the views. I feel rejuvenated



feel so good when I leave here … I find it so beneficial. Yoga enables me to cope with life’s challenges with greater equanimity